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Rocío and Melina are best friends. They spend a great deal of time hanging out with their gang of adolescent girls in front of a little gaming arcade, chatting, fooling around and having lots of fun. Sometimes the arcade owner chases them away, but the next day they are back again. The girls’ interest is aroused by a slightly older Korean boy who has mastered perfectly all the steps on a new dance machine. Melina wastes no time in talking to him but Rocío is not ready to make a move and hangs back. At home however, she practices the dance steps with grim determination. When the two girls compete against each other on a new dance machine, Rocío gets out of her step – and does something she regrets. Videojuegos tells the story of two girlfriends who are at an age where big dramas and unpleasant surprises are the order of the day.
by Cecilia Kang
with Nina Suárez, Violeta Soto, Mora Arenillas, Paloma Urquiza, Jorge Suh, Fabián Arenillas
Argentina 2014 18’

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