Sex is the most beautiful thing in the world. But talking about it without straying into lasciviousness or becoming inhibited remains tricky. Sprache:Sex places its trust in the power of free expression, the art of conversation, the miracle of the encounter. Sixteen people aged between 13 and 74 prove themselves to be practitioners of these disciplines. It is a matter of insecurities and desires, of preferences and turn offs, of varieties of love and life. A representative cross-section of society? Surely not! Statistically useful results? Even less so! A fanatical handing out of advice? Not a bit of it! Instead, it is a bold experimental set-up. Sober and playful. A documentary dance whose whole is more than the sum of its parts. Who should care? Actually, everybody.
by Saskia Walker, Ralf Hechelmann Germany 2015 80’

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