Shooting Stars Remind Me of Eavesdroppers

Shooting Stars Remind Me of Eavesdroppera
Working primarily with photography and video, Maha Maamoun explores spaces of fissure between the representation and interpretation of certain events and their relation to political identities and hidden hegemonic relations. Through the ears, the pathways of both acceptance and rejection, Shooting Stars Remind Me of Eavesdroppers weaves multiple auditive registers and references to literary and visual articulations of the act of listening and the status of the listener. (WHW – What, How & for Whom)

Maha Maamoun is an artist living and working in Cairo. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and biennials worldwide. She has also co-curated several exhibitions and art projects. Maamoun is a founding board member of the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) in Cairo.
by Maha Maamoun Egypt 2013 5’