God Help the Girl

Eve climbs secretly out of the clinic window and celebrates her escape by dancing – and singing – her way through Glasgow. At a small gig she meets a sensitive musician named James who recognises her talent and can sense the magic in her voice. They dream of forming a band together and are later joined by Cassie. Carefree days follow and, no matter if they are out on trips or at some concert or other the talk is all about music and ideas and making plans. Shy James falls in love with Eve, but he is not her only admirer. In addition, this young woman harbours a secret that almost robs her of the strength to live. Nonetheless, this is a summer that is intoxicating and euphoric, and filled with the desire for a bright future shaped by music. The summer bestows on Eve and James their first gigs, but also their first crises and, finally, a painful parting. Director Stuart Murdoch sings in the Scottish indie band, Belle and Sebastian. The band’s music merges with the film’s narrative, much of which is based on Murdoch’s own experiences, to create a film of symbiotic beauty. ‘God Help the Girl’ is also the name of a project that Murdoch has dedicated to promising young female singers.
by Stuart Murdoch
with Emily Browning, Olly Alexander, Hannah Murray
United Kingdom 2013 111’

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