La Casona

The Big House | Das Große Haus
A group of heavily pregnant women live in an old mansion on Cuba. Many of them are on their own and very young. Owing to their situation they are given special support. So too 15-year-old Yudi. The relationship with the father of her child is strained, an experience she shares with the other women. And like the others, she too waits for the day of the birth. She waits for what will come and doesn't know what lies before her.
Beyond the usual clichés of Malecón and salsa, here the director encounters young women who are forced to cope with the greatest change in their lives, on their own. Always on the lookout for the child's father, who is no longer around. Always looking at their belly, that grows and grows.
by Juliette Touin Cuba 2013 25’

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