Kwaku Ananse

Kwaku Ananse is a traditional West African fable about a male spider who spends years collecting all the world's wisdom in a wooden container. When he tries to hide the container up a tree he can't find a way to transport it high enough into the branches. His little son, Ntikuma, shows him what to do which infuriates him so much Kwaku Ananse throws the container down onto the ground. It breaks and the collected wisdom seeps away. Everyone rushes over, hoping to salvage what they can.
Nyan Koronhwea returns to her father Kwaku Ananse's native Ghana for his funeral. They lost contact long ago. But she is not entirely resentful of her father’s double life with one family in Ghana and another in the United States. Overwhelmed by the funeral, she retreats into the spirit world in search of Kwaku Ananse. Carrying her ambivalent emotions with her into the forest, she learns an ultimate truth about human relationships.
by Akosua Adoma Owusu
with Jojo Abot, Koo Nimo, Grace Omaboe, Karim Adam
Ghana / Mexico / USA 2013 26’