Mes séances de lutte

Love Battles
A bucolic summer landscape. A nameless couple meet. The woman has returned to her village following the death of her father, who never loved her. Here she meets a man – a sort of Pan – who spends his days farming and writing. Every encounter culminates in the need for them to confront each other physically. The woman’s arguments with her siblings about the distribution of their father’s estate unearth deep-seated conflicts and old wounds which begin to take on absurd dimensions. The man and woman embark on a playful exploration - each making use of their own weapons - which becomes increasingly sophisticated as it develops. Improvised at first, it soon develops into a codified ritual, a high-stakes game of increasing physical and psychological surrender and self-revelation. An astonishing pas de deux of erotically charged, dynamic encounters and repulsions …
by Jacques Doillon
with Sara Forestier, James Thiérrée
France 2013 103’

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