Summertime. A lake in the forest. Father and son go for a swim. Suddenly, the boy dives under the water and disappears. Has he drowned? The missing child unleashes a shockwave which reverberates from one person to the next. The story departs from its beginning, reawakening memories which may be deceptive. Expanding over time and space, the narrative starts to transform and lose its shared reality with the actual event. In the end nobody knows what really happened – or if there ever even was a child who disappeared.
Chiralia is an unreliable exploration of the interplay between reality, perception and memory. In order to visualise the passing of time and the continuation of the story, images are held by the camera, flowing calmly from one point of view to the next. And, from time to time, the camera divorces itself from the world of the film’s protagonists entirely.
by Santiago Gil
with Lenio Amory Einbeck, Monika Hetterle, Michael Krabbe, Julia Becker, Stephan Bürgi, Hans-Jürgen Alf
Germany 2013 26’

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