Kino to ashita no aida

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
The first images and their flashing neon advertising signs and eccentric soundtrack already establish the film’s lightning pace and hysterical tone. With these visually and acoustically exuberant images as a backdrop, a young man hands in his notice at work and breaks up with his girlfriend in order to pursue his true nature and dream of shaping the world according to his own desires. Against all the odds, he manages to push through his business idea – the foundation of an airline. At the same time, his ex-girlfriend refuses to accept their separation and attempts to force her way back into his life by any means possible. He in turn feels attracted to a young woman, who turns out to be the wife of one of his airline investors and who has herself had a secret lover for several years.
As always with Kawashima, his protagonists, in particular the woman, are strong characters who fight hard for what they want but must reconcile themselves with a life somewhere between their desires and reality. Based on a novel by the famous author Inoue Yasushi, Kawashima creates a picture of a world committed to nervous change.
by Kawashima Yuzo
with Tsuruta Koji, Tsukoka Yumeji, Awashima Chikage, Shindo Eitaro
Japan 1954 120’

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