A mother at fourteen! For two years, director Cornelia Grünberg followed four young women – Steffi, Laura, Fabienne and Lisa – who fell pregnant and decided to keep their babies. Although there are times when they are full of trepidation, the girls also look forward to having their children. An emotional roller-coaster ride catapults them out of the life they used to know and into a new existence where, all at once, girlfriends become loving babysitters. Who knows how long the babies’ very young fathers will play a role, if at all. The girls’ parents will also have to redefine their relationship to their daughters and grandchildren. Schooling is probably not on the cards any more – it doesn’t really work with a pushchair in the classroom – and, sometimes, babies aren’t born healthy. Talking candidly and in a relaxed manner about their feelings and their lives, these four young mothers don’t exactly come across as victims of social circumstances or misguided social developments. Having had this responsibility foisted on them has certainly made them grow up fast. All four are impressive personalities, and display both strength and courage.
by Cornelia Grünberg Germany 2012 92’

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