Karrabing! Low Tide Turning

Karrabing! Kurz Vor der Flut
A group of indigenous Australians who were forced off their homeland are now living in cramped conditions in a tiny flat on the edge of a north Australian town. One morning a social worker appears at the door and informs them in no uncertain terms that unless their sister, the head of the family, puts in an appearance at the local authority’s offices by the end of the week they will have to leave. She must answer to complaints lodged by neighbours. But where is their sister? She’s gone. Just like that. Nobody knows where she is. The group sets off in search of her. They penetrate deeper and deeper into the bush until they are finally reunited with their family. But their sister is nowhere to be found
by Liza Johnson, Elizabeth A. Povinelli
with Angie Lewis, Cecilia Lewis, Rex Edmunds
Australia 2012 14’

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