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Forty Hearts | Vierzig Herzen
The new power stations are beating like hearts to the pulse of modernisation. At gigantic expense and effort, the Soviet Union is rapidly industrialised. The state plan foresees the construction of forty power-generation centres across the country. However, the people must first be enlightened about the nature and use of electrical current. Horses and tractors, households and industry, nature and the world of work, neon signs and the construction of power stations all depend on this miraculous new source of energy. Today it is once again a highly topical issue.
The famous Soviet director Lev Kuleshov masterfully realises this project with documentary shots, acted scenes, and lots of creative trick sequences. After many of his students had already departed for the Mezhrabpom-Film studio, he too was given an opportunity there to make a “cultural film”. Drawing on his experience with feature films, he quickly made an exemplary popular scientific documentary using the most modern cinematic means. For a long time, the film was believed lost. Now, however, this hymn in praise of electric current can be seen here in Germany, too.

Print courtesy of Gosfilmofond, Moscow
by Lew Kuleschow USSR 1931 56’