Director Guy Maddin is known for his exploration of surreal worlds and ghosts and KEYHOLE is no exception. In his new work the camera creeps across fantastical black-and-white tableaus into the universe contained in a single house inhabited by the Pick family, their phantoms and gang of criminals. Here, the supernatural is the norm as keyholes lead to oedipal discoveries, bathrooms morph and corridors constantly lead inhabitants in new directions. Head of the household Ulysses Pick returns after a long journey towing the body of a drowned girl and a young man, bound and gagged. His gang has been holding the fort during his absence. He must now embark on a journey through the house if he is to reach his wife Hyacinth who lives upstairs. KEYHOLE is an odyssey through a house full of memories and nightmares that is also a journey through the hidden depths of the human psyche. Director Guy Maddin has long been a regular guest of the Forum section of the Berlinale with films such as BRAND UPON THE BRAIN and MY WINNIPEG.
by Guy Maddin
with Jason Patric, Isabella Rossellini, Udo Kier, Brooke Palsson, Kevin McDonald
Canada 2011 93’

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