A woman has died, too young, too soon.
She leaves behind a husband, Thomás, who is now alone. Well, not quite alone – there is Alberto, their little son.
The night is dark. Thomás is alone for the first time. He drinks, and grieves. The next morning it is Alberto who wakes him, who makes demands of him. He’s hungry. Life goes on.
Confused by the unknown, he takes responsibility for his son by following his instincts. But, time and again, sadness overwhelms him in their lonely home in the middle of the Venezuelan pampas. In order to escape these feelings, Thomás begins to drink more and more.
On one such night, he decides that he wants to be with his wife once more.
by Gustavo Rondón Córdova
with Rafael Gil, Jesus Jimenez, Gonzalo Cubero, Iris Guedez
Venezuela 2012 30’

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