Anesthesia | Anästhesie
Ji-hyeon, a young nurse, inadvertently witnesses a rape when her own boss anaesthetises a patient and abuses her. Shocked to the core, Ji-hyeon nonetheless has the presence of mind to record the crime on her mobile phone. She later shows her images to her female colleagues at the clinic. United we stand, thinks Ji-hyeon, and tells them what should be done: their boss must be handed over to the police so that the female target will receive justice. But Ji-hyeon gets a rude awakening when the images she has recorded only arouse suspicion and their authenticity is called into question. Ji-hyeon begins to think hard and comes up with a crime of her own. Then she makes a decision.
by Kim Souk-young
with Baek Seon-ju, Park Myeong-sin, Park Se-jin, Lim Hyeong-guk
Republic of Korea (South Korea) 2011 23’

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The Korea National University of Arts

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