Joven & Alocada

Young & Wild
Daniela may be quiet and elegant, but her thoughts are pretty wild and revolve mostly around sex and her need for self-fulfilment. Daniela lives for her blog. Only here can she speak openly about what turns her on. She has to do this in secret when she’s at her parents’ house, because she’s from an upper class family of wealthy, devout Protestants for whom everything is forbidden. Daniela is expelled from school after she sleeps with a boy. Her mother now sees her as a disgrace to the family and uses sanctions in an attempt to coax her daughter back onto the straight and narrow path to faith. But Daniela, who is not prepared to wait any longer for tenderness and sexual fulfilment, embarks instead on a passionate love affair with her girlfriend. Bursting with flamboyant illustrations and delighting in glaring juxtapositions, this is a film that is as experimental as its protagonist. In this, her feature-length debut, Marialy Rivas also experiments with the structural characteristics of a blog.
by Marialy Rivas
with Alicia Rodríguez, Aline Kuppenheim, María Gracia Omegna, Felipe Pinto, Ingrid Isensee
Chile 2011 96’ empfohlen ab 16 Jahren

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