Lal Gece

Night of Silence
A convoy of cars, decorated horsemen and the sound of drums and shawms. Men dance, illuminated by the flames from torches; women dance apart from the men. This is a traditional wedding in a remote part of Turkey. It’s an arranged marriage. Neither the bride nor the groom were given a choice. What happens when a much older man is married to a young girl? In his quiet, intimate film, director Resi Çelik succeeds in telling the tragic story of an unusual wedding night – without the strains of a musical score on the soundtrack. The groom has recently been released from prison; he has spent most of his life behind bars on account of two honour killings. This marriage is meant to put an end to a blood feud that has lasted many years. After the ceremony, he finds himself alone with his bride; lifting her veil he looks into the frightened face of a fourteen-year-old girl. He tries to be nice to her, and gentle, but he is a desperate, broken man. She hesitates and tries to use other distractions to get through the night. Night passes and dawn arrives, bringing the relatives with it; all of whom are waiting for the stained bed sheet that will prove that everything is as it should be.
by Reis Çelik
with Ilyas Salman, Dilan Aksüt
Turkey 2012 92’

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