Mugaritz B.S.O.

MUGARITZ B.S.O. is a project by the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and the musician Felipe Ugarte, which combines gastronomy with music. Over the past 3 years, Felipe Ugarte has examined the meaning, the preparation and the history of some of the culinary formulas used at Mugaritz with the aim of fusing them with the language of music. The creative process of producing music tracks provides the basis for the documentary, recorded and directed by Juantxo Sardon, who documents the project in its entirety, from the preparation of the dishes and the trips in search of melodies, to the studio recordings, showing the fusion between the cuisine and the musical creation. Juan Hernández and Felipe Ugarte are responsible for the musical production. Showing the creative process behind cuisine, the development of ideas and their transformation into the field of musical creation, is the main objective of the documentary, taking advantage of the rich variety of colour, transformability and textures that the worlds of both gastronomy and music offer us. This will take the viewer on a journey to the origins of gastronomy and music, immersing them in a multi-sensory experience and translating cuisine into a musical language.
by Felipe Ugarte, Juantxo Sardon
with Andoni Luis Aduriz, Felipe Ugarte
Spain 2011 72’