Filmed in the vibrant colours of contemporary pop culture and pervaded by the easy-going humour of a sitcom, this unbelievably charming episodic film comprises several loosely connected stories that describe the zeitgeist of young urbanites in today’s Taipeh.
Li Yijia has fallen pregnant; the child’s father is Kai, her best friend Ni’s boyfriend. When Kai tells her he doesn’t see a future together Li Yijia considers having an abortion. Ni refuses to have anything to do with Kai but he is determined to regain her trust. Li Yijia’s brother Kuan works as a bell boy in a hotel. This is where he meets the attractive but unapproachable Zeo Fang; she wants to marry Ni’s father – until she realises that wealth alone will not make her happy. The next time she and Kuan meet he decides to take her fate in his hands and lead her in a new direction. Mark, a successful businessman, unexpectedly allows an estate agent and single mother to lead him away from his career path.
Feeling alienated by the familial role models and material aspirations of their parents’ generation, these characters’ search for warmth prompts them to take a step into the unknown in the hope of finding what they are looking for. Director Doze screened his film MONGA in the 2010 Panorama section of the Berlinale.
by Doze Niu Chen-Zer
with Shu Qi, Vicky Zhao, Ethan Ruan, Mark Jau
People's Republic of China / Taiwan 2011 127’

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