Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben...lasst uns über das Töten reden

Reverence for Life ...let's talk about killing
… the butcher who loves the animals is a good butcher. What appears to be an ironic principle has been implemented by Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth making it possible again to say with a good conscience: “We must kill in order to live; we live of off other life”.

After turning his back on the meat industry, Schweinsfurth founded the Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten. Now a model for sustainable agriculture and food production, it aims to create a holistic, ecologic environment, giving the animals a decent life and achieving top results in health standards and quality. That alone was not enough for him though.

The “growing and reaping” of meat has to become a connected process one can see and understand again. This is the idea with which Karl Ludwig Schweinsfurth stages a slaughter ceremony amidst his symbiotic farm which offers the animals a free life in nature. Following the old, traditional butchery craft, he demonstrates how an animal can be led to death with care and respect- honouring life.
by Bertram Verhaag Germany 2011 35’

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