... men filmen är min älskarinna

... but Film is my Mistress
Like BILDER FRÅN LEKSTUGAN (2009), … MIN FILMEN ÄR MIN ÄLSKARINNA was compiled on behalf of the Stiftelsen Ingmar Bergman. Stig Björkman put together film material that was shot after 1965 during the preparations and shooting of Bergman’s films. In a setting reminiscent of Bergman’s feature film SARABAND (2002/03), Liv Ullmann sits at a table covered with numerous photographs; from there she presents Björkman’s documentation. Seven renowned film directors, from Olivier Assayas to Woody Allen, can be heard commenting on Bergman’s works. The title of the compilation film is a play on the quotation: “The theatre is my wife, but film is my mistress.”

… MIN FILMEN ÄR MIN ÄLSKARINNA (2010) will be shown in a programme together with Björkman’s first compilation film on Bergman BILDER FRÅN LEKSTUGAN (2009) and the episode film DANIEL (1964–67) by Ingmar Bergman.
by Stig Björkman
with Ingmar Bergman, Liv Ullmann
Sweden 2010 66’