Simon Wade is an average young man who goes about his profession as a teacher with the same kind of dedication that he exhibits when taking care of his ailing mother. But, under the seemingly obliging surface of nice-guy Simon there lurks an entirely different side. His unquenchable thirst for fresh blood forces the young teacher to trawl websites in search of suicidal young women, whose blood he can steal.
Shunji Iwai: “I’ve been writing the basic story for this film for over ten years. It was before ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU that I wrote the first image, but, every time a chance to make another film came up, I couldn’t make this one, so I’d keep writing. Four years ago I found a good idea. At the time
I was writing, the same thing was actually happening in Japan, a guy was really killing people, and it turns out that all the victims came from a suicide website. This guy was too creepy, too strange to be an interesting character. But this made it harder for me to keep going because the Japanese audience would be against the guy in that case, so I had to leave it alone again. But two years ago, when I was doing NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU, I was talking with some guys at the bar, and they asked me about the murder cases in Japan, and I told them about them, and then I realised I could make my story here in the US. It takes a long time, and dark stories are kind of difficult, but sometimes dark stories are very beautiful, very challenging.”
by Iwai Shunji
with Kevin Zegers, Rachael Leigh Cook, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Adelaide Clemens, Kristin Kreuk
USA / Canada 2011 120’

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