Griff The Invisible

By day, Griff works in a boring office in a boring town. His life is a dull routine in which his colleagues bully him and his brother, Griff’s only friend, protects him. But at night, Griff lives a completely different life, wandering down the gloomy streets, watching over the innocent and defenceless, protecting them from all manner of dangers that lurk in the dark. Night after night, Griff turns into a superhero and ‘Griff, the invisible, saves the world!’ Griff’s brother has noticed his secret side and it worries him. He must find a way to bring Griff back down to earth because his behaviour is far from normal. He introduces Griff to his new girlfriend Melody, who is also rather different and, above all, really nice. Melody and Griff hit it off from the word go. The two oddballs turn out to be birds of a feather and Melody is soon captivated by Griff’s imagination. But no sooner is Griff forced to acknowledge the bald reality of his bleak environment than Melody finds herself obliged to save Griff, the invisible hero – for her own sake.
The site of Griff’s adventures, his Gotham City, is an estate on the outskirts of Sydney; the film’s costumes are also deliberately reminiscent of comic strip superheroes. Director Leon Ford: “You should never make fun of the fact that it’s a superhero film. The ones that stay with you are the Batman-types that take it one-hundred percent serious. We do need to keep making stories that mean something to us, but there’s no reason why it can’t be through the eyes of a superhero.”
by Leon Ford
with Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody, Patrick Brammall, Toby Schmitz
Australia 2010 93’

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