Late Bloomers

Adam and Mary have been married for over thirty years; they have spent more than half their lives together. Their children left home long ago; it seems as though Adam and Mary have enjoyed and endured all of life’s ups and downs together and are now looking forward to what should be a quieter phase in their lives. But then, gradually, certain irritations begin to creep into their lives and both are obliged to acknowledge that the years are now taking their toll.
Mary complains that she is having trouble remembering things. Is she just a little confused? Or does this herald the beginnings of dementia? Adam was once a successful architect and is reluctant to let go of his status in life. As far as he is concerned, it would be best if things just stayed the way they used to be. Perhaps this is the reason why he’s overly keen to surround himself with young women. But his career and his financial situation are no longer as flourishing as Adam likes to maintain.
Slowly, he and Mary begin to drift apart – until their separation seems inevitable. Their children have also noticed their parents’ problems. They would dearly like to repair their marriage but soon realise that any intervention from afar is fruitless. They have been living their own lives for too long. And so, all they can do is hope that Adam and Mary to come to their senses.
by Julie Gavras
with Isabella Rossellini, William Hurt, Joanna Lumley, Simon Callow
France / United Kingdom / Belgium 2010 95’

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