Cet Homme

A slight trembling, the muscles of the throat, the shoulders, the torso sways back and forth, a shrugging of the shoulders, a strained swallowing. An actress, an actor, shot from behind, from the side, who’ve taken on the task of measuring and relating. The measurements: the space between camera and performance, between narration and event, between image and sound, the sound of the space. The relations: to one another, to the space, to the camera, and time and again to the text. Are they telling their story, is what’s happening all in the description, or does the text depict a description, a visual narrative, which then happens elsewhere? A film of speaking bodies, antagonisms, intonations, rehearsals. Always accompanied by the camera’s serenity and precision and the audible resonances of the space.
by Markus Ruff
with Birgit Ludwig, Antoine Davenne
Germany 2010 44’

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