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Louise’s mother was in prison and that’s why Louise lives with her gran. But now her Mum has been released. Louise thinks her Mum is just great. Seen through the eyes of this teenager, Susan is cool, decisive and absolutely irresistible. Desperate for her mother’s love and recognition, Louise is quite content to party all night long at her Mum’s side. Under her wing, Louise is introduced to a completely new and exciting world; a constant round of parties, drugs, a fast buck – and men. But – wait a minute! Louise is only a teenager.
Heidi Maria Faisst: “I believe that young people are clever and are able to perceive a story in a much more sophisticated way than adults usually give them credit for. In REBOUNCE I want to speak directly to young people without any overblown pedagogical touches. I want the audience to witness the downfall of our young protagonist, Louise, without pushing rights and wrongs. Louise is eager to get rid of the boundaries of her young teenage life, but the way she does it puts her whole life and identity at stake. In the end, Louise is forced to make irrevocable decisions that may well define the rest of her life. It is my hope that a young audience will draw its own conclusions about the dilemmas in this story, and that they will recognise something of themselves in the complexity of this young girl's life.
by Heidi Maria Faisst
with Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Anne Sofie Espersen, Dar Salim, Kirsten Olesen, Niels Skovsen
Denmark 2011 90’

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