A road movie set in the craggy mountains of Armenia, this film tells the story of the brief but emotive relationship between a young American who has come to the Caucasus to take geographic measurements for satellite images, and an Armenian photographer who has left her country and is now returning for the first time in years. At their first meeting the pair decides to set off together to explore unchartered territory.
Will Shepard is something of a loner; you could describe his job as ‘ground truthing’. It involves checking the accuracy of satellite images and correcting any discrepancies that might occur between the satellite pictures and the real landscape on the ground. It’s a job that Will has been doing for years, all over the world.
But this is also a ‘research trip’ for Gadarine, his companion. Gadarine is struggling to come to terms with her past: she is keen to find out what – if anything – still connects her to her native land and its culture.
Practically from their first meeting, these two lone travellers enter into an instantaneous, almost subconscious bond. And, as their journey through the wild and romantic landscape progresses, this connection deepens. When their journey comes to an end they are faced with the difficult decision of which path each of them should now take.
by Braden King
with Ben Foster, Lubna Azabal
USA 2010 120’

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