Das Brot des Bäckers

Master baker Baum (Günter Lamprecht) is worried. A supermarket has opened near his bakery and is ruining his business with cheap, industrially produced bread rolls. Not even running amok in the supermarket can hinder its success. It could be a story from today, but the film was made in the 1970s.

In 1976, baker’s son Erwin Keusch convinced the actor and working-class boy Günter Lamprecht to act in his debut film. Günter Lamprecht says of himself: “I look at things differently, in a socially critical way, I would say.” He adds: “Many real bakers asked me if I had ever worked as a baker. This was the greatest praise someone could possibly bestow on me.”

After master baker Baum, further roles followed: Franz Biberkopf in Fassbinder’s screen adaption of „Berlin Alexanderplatz“, the awkward Berlin superintendent Franz Markowitz in the German crime series “Tatort”, as captain Weser he also steered the submarine in “Das Boot” – now Günter Lamprecht celebrates his 80th birthday in the Culinary Cinema and Berlin’s best bakers Peter Klann (Soluna) and Heinz Weichardt are there to help him celebrate.
by Erwin Keusch
with Günter Lamprecht, Bernd Tauber, Maria Lucca
Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) 1976 117’