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Missing Man
The main character in this story is a programmer. The protagonist’s name is irrelevant; we don’t find out his name until the end of the film. This man wants nothing to do with the world; he isolates himself from life and defends his small world with rules which seem to suit his way of life. He refuses to get involved in anything. His illusionary independence feels comfortable to him. His life is carefree and he has a vision for his future. He thinks that he is in control of his own fate, but then, quite by accident he becomes incapable of executing his own will. Unable to tolerate his inertia any longer, his life reaches a crisis point, things start to go awry and he becomes absolutely dependant on everyone else. Helpless in the face of his problems he begins to act according to the circumstances in which he finds himself.
MISSING MAN attempts to provide an answer to one single question: what does it mean to be – and stay –human? This is a story about a man who loses his independence; a man who seeks freedom and tries to find his own ego.
Production notes
by Anna Fenchenko
with Andrey Filippack, Rasim Djafarov, Polina Kamanina, Ludmila Geroeva, Yuris Lautsinsh
Russian Federation 2010 96’

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