En Familie

A Family | Eine Familie
Ditte is part of a renowned family of bakers, the Rheinwalds. She is also a successful gallery owner and constantly on the move.
Having been offered her dream job in New York she decides, along with her boyfriend Peter, to accept the offer and move to the Big Apple. The future is bright and life is fun and simple.
The couple are on their way when Ditte’s beloved and charismatic father, Rikard Rheinwald, master baker and purveyor to the royal court, falls seriously ill.
Ditte calls off the move to New York in order to be with him and before long her own way of life hangs in the balance.
Rikard demands that, in view of his illness, she takes her place in the Rheinwald family business and assume ownership of the bakery, while Peter pulls in the opposite direction, feeling that Ditte’s loyalty to her family is forcing her to abandon their common dreams.
by Pernille Fischer Christensen
with Jesper Christensen, Lene Maria Christensen, Pilou Asbaek, Anne Louise Hassing, Line Kruse
Denmark 2010 102’

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