Fucking Different São Paulo

This is the fourth film of the conceptual series FUCKING DIFFERENT, produced by Kristian Petersen. The filmmakers from São Paulo developed their projects in a script workshop during the 16th Mix Brasil Festival. The Brazilian version contains a variety of interesting genres. There are twelve stories in which women address the gay world and men address the lesbian universe. In DO ALMOÇO, Rodrigo Diaz Diaz and co-director Elzemann Neves show that friendship can hide the most secret desires, and that to achieve them is a delight. The protagonists of Ricky Mastro’s FELIZES PARA SEMPRE have been married for years and, amazingly, still get along, living proof that romantic love is not merely the preserve of Hollywood. In DEUS DO IMPOSSÍVEL, Luciana Lemos breaks a conservative taboo and shows that, contrary to what many square people may think, homosexuals are indeed loved by God and can go to church. The world of pop also finds its place in the collection with DYKELAND by Gustavo Vinagre, about an all-female a rock band. Joana Galvão and Monica Palazzo have made a bold work; in their trilogy 1718, 1972, 2009, they tell three stories that cross time and are all linked by a work of art. Joana Galvão returns to the theme again in the animation UM OLHAR. Desire is also the guiding principle of RONDA, directed by Max Julien. Accompanied by the sound of a delicious tango, Herman Barck proves in FLACA that love can come from the most surprising places. Luiz René Guerra explores the memories of a female couple in the delicate CASA, and Silvia Lourenço and Sabrina Greve show in UNDER THE SKIN that life’s upheavals are no reason to despair.
by Joana Galvão, Monica Palazzo, Max Julien, Ricky Mastro, René Guerra, Silvia Lourenço, Sabrina Greve, Rodrigo Diaz Diaz, Elzemann Neves, Gustavo Vinagre, Herman Barck, Luciana Lemos Germany / Brazil 2009 84’

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