Christoph Schlingensief zeigt und kommentiert den Film "L'Inferno" von Guiseppe de Liguoro

Christoph Schlingensief shows and comments on the film "L'Inferno" by Guiseppe de Liguoro
Based on the first part of Dante Alighieri’s mammoth epic poem “The Divine Comedy,” L’Inferno faithfully follows the source poem in its representation of the journey of the author Dante through the realm of Hell as guided by the master poet Virgil. The production design is highly influenced by and faithful to the illustrations of Gustave Dore, and is a visual treat for the viewer.

Virgil, at the behest of the late Beatrice, leads Dante downward through the circles of Hell in a quest for spiritual enlightenment. As the eternal consequence of each dominant sin is revealed to Dante, he is in turn moved to experience a full range of human emotions from compassion to indignant anger. (Carl Bennett)
by Christoph Schlingensief Germany 2010 69’

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