Flug durch die Nacht

Flight through the Night
A rediscovery is Ilona Baltrusch’s Flight through the Night, produced during her studies at DFFB, at a time when a whole generation was looking up to Godard. The film shows us a highly staged West Berlin, and captures in endless philosophical loops the apocalyptic atmosphere typical of the ‘80s.The cinematic process becomes part of an intellectual game about the death of the living in the city. At the same time, the film’s playful defiance of film and theatre conventions gives it a very contemporary feel. (Stefanie Schulte Strathaus)

at Temporäre Kunsthalle:

seating very limited! seat reservation under +49 (0)30 20605512 necessary!
by Ilona Baltrusch
with Gretel Kemeny, Martin Peter, Ilona Baltrusch, Erwin Ventsch Gerhard Laatz
Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) 1980 87’

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