Indigène d'Eurasie

Eastern Drift
Gena is under no illusions about his situation. In the prologue of the film, he briefly sketches out his life in a monotone voiceover: growing up without parents, receiving an "education" from his criminal uncle, initial protection money rackets in the wake of privatizations in the crumbling Soviet Union, later international drug dealing. His enemies are numerous but not easy to recognize; "life is short, the greater part of it already over". Although there is only a small chance that Gena will be able to trade in his nomadic existence between Asia and Europe for a "normal life", he takes the plunge anyway. A frantic chase across Europe thus ensues. Heading west, presumably towards the sun.

Sharunas Bartas paints a dark picture of a globalized world where values seem to have disappeared along with the sunlight. A wintry Europe, where each place is as inhospitable as the next. A gangster wanting to leave the business, joining his famous spiritual brothers Jeff Bailey, Frankie Bono and Jegor Prokudin in most memorable fashion. A 21st century film noir, in which the underworld knows no code of honor and compassion will be avenged. Fatally.
by Sharunas Bartas
with Sharunas Bartas, Elisa Sednaoui, Erwan Ribard, Klavdia Korshunova
France / Lithuania / Russian Federation 2010 111’

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