Cindy liebt mich nicht

Cindy Does Not Love Me
Franz is a bartender at a bar named “Cindy Does not Love Me”. He’s a laidback sort of a guy who is quite content to drift. Then he meets Maria. Her uncompromising manner is so different to that of everyone else he knows and Franz soon finds himself falling in love with her. But then, one day, Maria simply disappears. Just like that, without saying goodbye or leaving a note. Franz sets off in search of her and soon comes across David, an up and coming public prosecutor who is the complete opposite of Franz. David seems to know exactly what he wants and has it all mapped out. The two men are flabbergasted to learn that Maria had a relationship with both of them at the same time. The bereft lovers decide to look for Maria. They pay a visit to her mother, who is not prepared to tell them much about her daughter. David steals a letter from the mother’s house that appears to indicate a spell in a psychiatric clinic. As soon as the men arrive at the clinic they run into a shifty carer who is able to divulge a little more about Maria’s time there. The more difficult their search becomes and the more time the men spend together, the more Franz begins to realise just how much he loves Maria. He won’t be able to bear it if she turns out to love David more. Nonetheless, the rivalry between Franz and David gradually transforms into a weird friendship. And then they come across an address in Maria’s medical file that leads them to Denmark. That’s where they meet Olaf.
by Hannah Schweier
with Clemens Schick, Peter Weiss, Anne Schäfer
Germany 2010 95’

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