Twigson | Knorzel
Strong? Yes.
Brave? Yes.
A twig? Yes.
Ordinary? No! Because twigs like Twigson don’t grow on trees.
Twigs like Twigson exists in fantasies and play with you in the woods when you find it hard to be with everyone else. Twigs like Twigson don’t like to be left in an anthill, but will join you in the search of golden princesses. Twigs like Twigson don’t mind the fact that father sells underwear and stockings, or that big brother cuts his hair to fit in. Twigs like Twigson aren’t worried about having to fit in. It’s a real shame that there aren’t more Twigsons around.
Twigson is funny. He is animated. And Twigson is Junior’s faithful companion on all his adventures.
Mother and father are worried about how they are going to pay the bills; the roof is collapsing, and Junior even falls through it. It’s not always easy. Luckily, Junior and Twigson are able find solutions for almost everything. To earn some extra cash you can for example bring back the same bottles twice and claim the deposit for them a second time.
Sometimes even a little twig can make all the difference, as this story about an unusual friendship portrays.
by Åsleik Engmark
with Adrian Grønnevik Smith, Petrus Andreas Christensen, Pernille Sørensen, Jan Gunnar Røise, Åsleik Engmark
Norway 2009 75’ empfohlen ab 6 Jahren

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