The Naked Kitchen
Mo-rae (SHIN Mina), crazily in love, feeds her husband Sang-in (KIM-Tae-woo) with a Korean egg dish on their first wedding anniversary. Then she closes her speciality shop for umbrellas and goes shopping for a gift. Memories of the new wave classic The umbrellas of Cherbourg comes to mind, but here in Korea the sun is shining and the parasol is opened.

In a gallery Mo-rae meets a good looking stranger who has just arrived from France. The incredible happens, Mo-rae has an unforgettable adventure with the attractive Du-re (JU Ji-hun).

As a second surprise, director HONG Ji-young is not afraid of letting the handsome stranger appear in the couple’s flat, he is the husband’s friend. He is from Paris and is to help the husband open a new restaurant.

HONG Ji-young tells the dream of a woman in love with two men, the perfect harmony as a modern version of ying and yang. One represents the ideal of the protector, the other a passion which must remain hidden.

“We live in a time in which sensitivity is rare”, states the director, “and everybody dreams of a secret romance.” Colourful pictures and good looking actors make this dream of a brilliant cook and diabolically good food worth watching.

Ki-chin is HONG Ji-young’s debut. She showed several short films at international festivals and worked on the feature film Antique, which ran at the last Culinary Cinema.
by Hong Ji-young
with Shin Mina, Ju Ji-hun, Kim Tae-woo
Republic of Korea (South Korea) 2009 102’

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