My One And Only

A story about growing up – although it’s not always clear whether the two adolescent boys George and Robbie Devereaux are the ones doing the growing up, or their somewhat flighty mother, Ann.
When her husband, bandleader Dan Devereaux catches Ann in the throes of being unfaithful to him, she grabs her two boys, piles them into a brand new shiny El Dorado Cadillac saloon and hits the road. From this moment on, the trio begin knocking about the highways on a restless odyssey from one town to another, searching for stability, cash and a new husband and provider – although it doesn’t necessarily have to be in that order, says Ann. But then George’s testosterone kicks in and, at school and elsewhere, he starts going though all the typical problems that beset teenagers. In response, Ann blithely decides to give her heart to the first suitable admirer that happens along – only to realise that he isn’t the one. And so the three of them head west, yet again. When they arrive, a surprise meeting with a familiar face awaits Ann. The time has come for her to make a decision: is she really trying to give her sons a future? Or is she merely running away from her own past?
This witty, romantic road movie is based on the real childhood experiences of actor George Hamilton (born in 1939), who toured the United States as a child with his mother and brother, appearing in small clubs and venues.
by Richard Loncraine
with Renée Zellweger, Kevin Bacon, Logan Lerman, Mark Rendall
USA 2008 108’

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