At Stake

AT STAKE presents four short documentaries about the lives of women in Indonesia. EFFORT FOR LOVE (dir.: A. E. Susanti) focuses on two migrant workers in Hong Kong who are both supporting large families in Java. One of these women is worried about losing her virginity as a result of an urgent gynaecological operation. The other has fallen in love with a fellow migrant worker. Torn as they are by feelings of guilt and joy, these two women must nonetheless try to make their way in life. WHAT’S THE POINT (dir.:
I. Setiawan, M. Ichsan) analyses the practice – still widespread – of female circumcision, and describes the religious reasons for this traditional mutilation. MISS. MRS.? (dir.: L. Kuswandi) transports us to central Jakarta where up-to-date fashion magazines, the latest designer clothing or cosmetic articles might abound, but young women still have a very hard time locating a competent, unprejudiced gynaecologist. OUR CHILDREN’S FUND (dir.:
U. Augustin) takes us to an infamous Chinese cemetery in eastern Java which, come sundown, becomes a meeting place for prostitutes and their johns. For the protagonists of this film prostitution represents the only way to earn enough money to raise their children, because the pay from their day jobs just isn’t enough.
by Iwan Setiawan, Muhammad Ichsan, Lucky Kuswandi, Ucu Agustin, Ani Ema Susanti Indonesia 2008 107’

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