Max Pinlig

Max Embarrassing | Max Peinlich
Max is crazy about Ofelia, who is definitely the coolest girl in his class. But sadly Max is far too shy to let her know. Fortunately his mother Agnethe has noticed her son’s feelings for Ofelia and is willing to invite the girl over to their place. Watching her little boy getting older prompts contradictory feelings in Agnethe. But then again, Agnethe wouldn’t be Agnethe if she didn’t lend a helping hand to Max in her charming, inimitable fashion. But right now Christmas is upon them – and Max is going to have his teeth straightened. Hassan is Max’s best friend. He’s always got a good piece of advice for Max; he can even show him how he can straighten his teeth by himself, overnight. Good friends are worth their weight in gold. Nonetheless, all of Max’s attempts to win Ofelia end in disaster. Moreover, when Ofelia finds out that Max has taken a secret peek at her diary it’s all over – once and for all. But perhaps he could get into Ofelia’s good books again if he managed to swing something he believes to be her dearest wish: to see her father before the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, when her Dad, an ex-con, appears unexpectedly at school, Ofelia is devastated. Things go from bad to worse when she receives a love letter from Max that he didn’t even write himself. The only person that can be of assistance in the ensuing chaos is Max’s friend Hassan. And just when Christmas promises to be the most unimaginably dismal affair ever, things work out after all – thanks to his mother’s performance at a church concert which turns out to be so embarrassing that Max can’t bear to mention it.
by Lotte Svendsen
with Samuel Heller-Seiffert, Mette Horn, Lars Bom, Louise Mieritz, Rasmus Bjerg, Anna Agafia Svideniouk Egholm, Faysal Mobahriz, Ophelia Eriksen, Anders Hove
Denmark 2008 94’ empfohlen ab 10 Jahren

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