The Mouse | Die Maus
Ten-year-old Liv has fallen in love with her classmate, Mike, who gives her his beloved white mouse. Shortly afterwards, Liv observes Mike talking to her girlfriend, who is top of the class, and, for the first time, she feels something she has never felt before – jealousy. Helpless, she has no idea what to do about the anger boiling inside her. Then she notices the mouse. But isn’t Liv the one that Mike is really interested in? And anyway, what’s so bad about him talking to Liv’s girlfriend?
by Pil Maria Gunnarsson
with Eva-Theresa Jermiin Anker, Magnus Wettendorff Dyring, Frederikke Hjort Arentz, Christine Exner
Denmark 2008 13’ empfohlen ab 11 Jahren

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