My Suicide

“This movie is about my cookie-cutter life and the media overloaded,
ad-saturated insanity I see everyday. I’m obsessed with movies, death, and a perfect, plastic girl name Sierra. My name is Archibald Holden Buster Williams and I am going to kill myself. Welcome to my movie! Wel­come
to … my suicide!”
Archie Williams is a world-weary teenager with a well-equipped computer in his room and a penchant for compiling clips from thousands of videos. But then, one day, Archie announces his willingness to commit suicide on his class end-of-term video and, all at once, the world he so hates turns upside down. No sooner does he make his pronouncement than his fellow-pupils, his parents, Sierra (the prettiest girl at school), teachers, psychologists, doctors and all kinds of do-gooders all descend upon suicidal Archie. Not wanting to miss a trick, Archie decides to film the entire hullabaloo raging around him, and truth about life – that means death, sex, violence, drugs as well as the hypocritical media barrage. And then there’s the ever-so-aloof Sierra, who embodies just about everything that Archie cannot abide. And yet Sierra of all people finds herself attracted to Archie – who learns that even the most radiantly beautiful person can harbour a dark secret.

by David Lee Miller
with Gabriel Sunday, Brooke Nevin, David Carradine, Joe Mantegna, Mariel Hemingway
USA 2009 105’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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