The Girl | Das Mädchen
At a remote house in the country a ten-year-old girl takes her first steps in the adult world. Her parents having gone to work on a development project in Africa, the girl is obliged to move in with her trendy aunt. But it turns out that her aunt would rather go sailing with her lover, and so the girl decides to look after herself. This marks the beginning of an adventure during which this ten-year-old is often put to the test.
At her girlfriend Tina’s house she discovers a world she doesn’t understand. The neighbours and the occasional visitors are not particularly sympathetic. She withdraws increasingly from this adult world until she finally loses her grip on reality. But she still has her own realm of books, pictures and ex­pe­­riments. She also finds a friend in Ola. But then Ola has an accident for which the girl is to blame and this event triggers her own mental and physical breakdown. Not only is there no one to help her – nobody even realises the seriousness of her predicament. The girl’s universe has already disintegrated, even before her parents come back. Their daughter has turned into someone they don’t know. For better or for worse – she has grown older.
by Fredrik Edfeldt
with Blanca Engström, Shanti Roney, Leif Andrée, Annika Hallin, Tova Magnusson Norling
Sweden 2008 95’ empfohlen ab 10 Jahren

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