Teenage Response

“When it comes to the most important things in life you’re always on your own. It is an eternal burden and a source of quiet joy that nobody can reach you and you won’t let anybody in”, writes Tove Ditlevsen in one of her poems.
The young protagonists of this film allow us to peer inside their inner world. During the course of these strikingly serious, intimate conversations devoid of any voice-over commentary, a group of young adults between the ages of 13 and 21 tell us about their bodies, their personal experiences and their erotic encounters. Regardless of whether they are talking about being high on drugs, getting involved in a punch-up, dancing, or making love – all of their stories concentrate on their bodies as the site where thoughts and feelings meander in a bid to find out where pain begins, where it ends and where subjectivity resides.
Thirteen young people tell us ‘their stories’ – stories about which even their friends, their girlfriends, their parents or their teachers had little or no knowledge. Their testimonials give us a profound insight into their innermost thoughts. They also reveal each individual’s own music, an unmistakable sound that resonates deep within, a sound which we all feel but cannot name; a sound that emanates from the self.
Taking their cue from these young people’s stories, the images of this film visualise echoes of the way these youths see themselves and experience their bodies. This documentary contains neither commentary nor explanation, concentrating instead entirely on the intensity and vibrancy of the young protagonists themselves.
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by Eleni Ampelakiotou Germany 2009 160’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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