Het zusje van Katia

Katia's Sister
Some people think Lucia’s a bit unhinged; others believe she lives in another world. Her older sister Katia is convinced that she’s simple-minded. Such impressions are surely the result of Lucia’s desire to remain a child forever. But perhaps her strange behaviour is just a means of defending herself against the harsh surroundings in which she is growing up.
Lucia’s mother came to Amsterdam from Russia several years ago. She makes a living for the family working as a prostitute. Her eldest daughter Katia is also on the brink of joining her mother in the red-light district. Lucia is full of admiration for her beautiful older sister – even if she is beginning to feel increasingly lonely because there’s nobody around in whom she can confide. Although life in her neighbourhood is extremely tough Lucia’s not one to bemoan her fate and would much rather look benevolently on a world that flouts all convention. Even when lovesick Katia begins to drift towards a dangerous demimonde of pornography and drugs, her sister insists on standing by her …
But no amount of impartiality can prevent Lucia from feeling increasingly isolated. Drawn into her own private dream world, she begins to renounce
by Mijke de Jong
with Betty Qizmolli, Julia Seijkens, Olga Louzgina
Netherlands 2008 85’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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