Lippels Traum

Lippel's Dream
Philipp – or Lippel as he is known – lives with his father, a gourmet chef and restaurant owner. Lippel’s father has to go away for a week, leaving Lippel alone at home with the new housekeeper, Mrs Jakob. Mrs Jakob turns out to be far less friendly than she at first seemed to be. A stickler for cleanliness, she also has rather old-fashioned ideas about childcare. Fairy tales, she believes, and stories such as ‘The Arabian Nights’ are by no means suitable reading for children. And, even though Lippel’s own father gave him this parti­cular book, she insists on confiscating it.
During the day Lippel finds himself conducting a small war against the housekeeper; at night, however, he dreams his way into the world of ‘The Arabian Nights’. This is a place ruled by a benevolent – if sadly absent – king. Presiding in his stead is his mean sister-in-law, who makes life hell for the king’s children, Arslan and Hamide. No matter how courageously Lippel supports the children in his dream, life continues to prove impossible under the scourge of the king’s resolute servant.
One day Lippel overhears Mrs Jakob talking and learns that this strict housekeeper has much bigger plans in store: she wants to marry Lippel’s father and pack off his unruly son to boarding school. All at once, Lippel knows what is to be done; after all, in his dream world he has to help his princely friends solve a similar problem.
by Lars Büchel
with Karl Alexander Seidel, Moritz Bleibtreu, Anke Engelke, Christiane Paul, Uwe Ochsenknecht
Germany 2008 101’ empfohlen ab 6 Jahren

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