Retribution | Rache
In a small town in southern Brazil, a rich farmer’s daughter named Camila is brutally raped and left for dead by the river. A few months later, a mysterious young man, Miguel, turns up in Rio. He is searching for the perpetrator. He begins to follow a young woman named Carol. A strange relationship evolves between the two of them. Carol receives a visit from her brother, Bruno, who lives in Australia. Bruno decides to spend a few days in Rio. The three of them go out to a party thrown by Bruno’s friend, Sazão. Shortly after the party Sazão is attacked and almost clubbed to death. He is not able to identify his assailants. Camila arrives in Rio the same night. She makes a discovery that gives the story an unexpected twist and forces Miguel to make a difficult decision.
VINGANÇA is the first project to come about as a result of PAX Filmes, a new Brazilian funding initiative aimed at the production and distribution of low budget films. The funding programme is restricted to 12 months and aims to create four feature-length dramas. Each project’s budget should not exceed 40,000 dollars.
by Paulo Pons
with Bárbara Borges, Erom Cordeiro, Branca Messina, Guta Stresser, Marcio Kieling
Brazil 2008 107’

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