Mamma Mu & Kråkan

Mamma Moo & Crow | Mama Muh und die Krähe
Anyone who knows Mamma Moo knows that she’s a fairly unusual cow. She’s not the type of bovine to spend the best part of her life dozing on in the meadow or in the cowshed. While all the other cows are content to chew the cud and gawp into the middle distance, Mamma Moo can always be counted on to do one thing: break ranks. She likes nothing better than to feel the wind whistling about her ears. So what if her flapping has a habit of knocking out the crow from crow’s wood. He is Mamma Moo’s best friend, after all. And best friends have to stick together – no matter what.
Just how these two came to be best friends is the subject of this film. The story begins on a beautiful summer’s day when Mama Moo almost stumbles on a dead bird that turns out not to be dead at all but just depressed – in spite of the fact that today is his birthday and all his friends are waiting to throw a gigantic birthday party in his honour. At least that’s what the poor crow says. But, in reality, he doesn’t have any friends at all. Instead he lives all alone in a nest brimming over with all sorts of things that have taken his fancy. Except, that is, for one thing – a good friend.
Mamma Moo, as everyone knows, has plenty of friends. And so you can imagine that this first encounter will probably mark the beginning of a wonderful friendship.
by Igor Veyshtagin
with Rachel Mohlin, Johan Ulveson
Sweden / Germany / Hungary 2008 78’ empfohlen ab 5 Jahren

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