Lille Soldat

Little Soldier | Kleiner Soldat
Lotte is a soldier. She returns to Denmark, mentally and physically scarred after a foreign mission. Unable to find a job in her native country her father – with whom she hasn’t had much contact – offers her a job working for him as a chauffeur.
Lotte is to drive Lily, a call girl in her father’s employ. Lily is also her father’s mistress. Lotte isn’t bothered by the fact that her father runs a brothel and earns his money with human trafficking. She is more concerned to gain recognition from the father she has always longed to have. Lotte has nothing but contempt for Lily. Though initially sceptical about Lotte, Lily slowly begins to accept her female chauffeur. Before long, the two women fall into a bizarre routine during the course of which they get to know one another better. Lotte learns for instance that Lily is working as a prostitute in order to support her daughter in Nigeria whom she hasn’t seen in five years.
But then an incident occurs that makes Lotte realise once and for all that she cannot rely on her father. When Lily is threatened by a violent john one day, Lotte decides to take the initiative: she is going to liberate Lily from her miserable life in Denmark and help her get back to her daughter. What she doesn’t know is that Lily simply doesn’t want to be rescued. And so, all of a sudden, Lotte finds herself having to save her own skin …
by Annette K. Olesen
with Trine Dyrholm, Finn Nielsen, Lorna Brown, Rasmus Botoft, Jens Jørgen Spottag
Denmark 2008 100’

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