Pink is a successful young poet. She writes cruel love poems which she recites live all over Germany to her devoted fans. Her own love life is something of a success as well. Three men hope to win her as their bride. Pink makes systematic, but incorrect, decisions – using a pocket calculator. She sorts out her relationships using text messaging and settles conflicts – if she has to – using a gun. In spite of her scrutiny she chooses the wrong man – twice. But only when she chooses the third will she find happiness.
Three weddings. Three seasons. A modern fairy-tale about a girl who sets out to find love.
Rudolf Thome’s diary entry for 10 January 2009 reads: “I think that PINK, which I still like a lot, is like a film from another planet. Anyone who can’t engage with the way the story unfolds or with the holes in the story and the humour that lies hidden within it, has no hope of understanding or loving this film.” (
by Rudolf Thome
with Hannah Herzsprung, Florian Panzner, Guntram Brattia, Cornelius Schwalm
Germany 2008 82’

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